Friday, February 25, 2011

Running in Austin

We could not have asked for better Saturday afternoon weather when the Troop was in Austin. When the boys went to their last class, I left the Merit Badge College and went for a run in Austin.

I still don’t understand what people see in the UT Austin Campus. It is like a beehive. A bunch of buildings stacked as close as they can get in a very small space with way to many people crammed into it. I know I have a Red Raider bias, but still.

I completely understand why people like Austin. I ran by the capital, down through Sixth Street, and head down to the running trails on Town Lake. It was gorgeous day; people were out enjoying the wonderful amities that the City of Austin provides. I came back up to Campus on West Street past all the old homes and businesses. It was just was beautiful, even though I was running uphill the whole way.

I ended up running six miles just because I was just enjoying the journey the run was taking me.

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