Friday, January 7, 2011

Judge Tom Vandergriff

This post is more work related than most. Today in Arlington there was a memorial for Tom Vandergiff. I was blessed in my professional career to know Judge Vandergriff.

Judge Vandergriff was an astute politician. I met him in 1993 when I first started working for the City of Dalworthington Gardens. I was introduced to him as Greg from the Gardens. From that day forward that was who I was to Judge Vandergriff. Everytime we crossed paths, even when I moved to work for the District Attorney’s Office; Judge Vandergriff would begin every conversation the same and would be something like this.
“Good to see you Greg, how are the Gardens?
I would respond the same way. “We are doing well”
“Keep that Mayor out of trouble for me.”
“Will do, sir”
Arlington and Tarrant County have benefited greatly by Judge Vandergriff service. There will be much better eulogies and histories created in honor of Judge Vandergriff, I will truly miss giving him the report on my little city.

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