Friday, January 21, 2011

December 2010 Backpacking Day 3

I don’t think I mentioned it in the last post, but we spent the night on Stripling Island. It is a neat part of Sid Richardson that is surrounded on all sides by Lake Bridgeport. It was a good test for the bivy and cold wind over water. Bivy passed.

Since now we had a bus to use on a backpacking trip, we had the whole camp open to us. The boys made a plan and I moved the bus to the point where we get on it to move us to our next campsite. I noted over and over again, I have never driven this much on a backpacking trip.

The boys chose to head out to Windy Point, go around the peninsula and end up at the gazebo at the COPE course. Even though they knew that the orange hat was beyond their grasp, they remained focused. They started to figure out who was good at what during the trip. I think for one thing, this crew has found their map reader.
They moved with a passion on this day. If they would have had the drive on Day One, they would have accomplished their goal. The issue is of course, they had to have Day One to be able to have Day Three. We covered more ground than the two previous days combined.

We loaded up the bus and headed to the Canoe base. I again dropped them off so they had to hike into camp. This worked out for us, because the base had a shelter and it rained like the dickens. I must confess, I did not test the rain worthiness of the bivy, because I slept under the shelter.

It was a bummer that our last night could not be spent around the fire.

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