Thursday, January 27, 2011

Body Mass Index

I had my annual physical in January. It has become very obvious that I cannot out exercise my terrible eating habits.

I have always argued that I am not an athlete, but someone who exercises regularly. Based on studies, only about 40% of the county actually exercises at all. In addition only about 7%-8% of adults participate in 3 or more true works outs a week.

I am a member of that group that out exercises over 90% of America. Yet my body mass index is actually in the obese range. These are things one does not like to hear or know.

I have been reluctant to throw this information down on the internet, but publishing it probably will help me stick with my goal to get my Body Mass Index down to Normal. My first goal is to get it to Overweight.

A little over a week ago I have begun counting calories, because I do not think I can exercise anymore than I do.  I hope to post progress.

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