Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Marathon Training

I am officially in training for the Houston Marathon this coming January.   My goal is to post a Boston Marathon qualifying time.  For my age group that time is 3:25 or a 7:49 mile.    I have set a goal of running a 7:40 pace to build in a cushion.

I have a base of over six hundred miles of running in this year and I have modified a Hal Higdon’s Advance 1 Plan to fit my schedule to be my training plan.   All my training in the past has never included speed work, it has been about base.  This plan includes speed work and race pace training.   I anticipate intervals to be a challenge for me.

This morning was the five mile at race pace.   Mentally I felt that it would be the reality check on my goal of qualifying for Boston.   I am very excited that I paced at 7:35 miles.  In no way could I have done that pace for 5.3 miles four more times, but I have hope. 

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