Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hotter N’ Hell.

I did not have the best Hotter N’ Hell this year. (August 25, 2012)   I did not break the magical 20mph average.   A wise fellow weekend warrior pointed out, if they were is magical, and then there would be no magic.   As always, I enjoyed the company of my HHH gang at the tailgate in Wichita Falls.     The company of my traveling crew of Jim Dwyer and Justin Schwane is always entertaining.

The Garmin told me I averaged 18.8MPH for a total of 5:12 minutes.  Strangely, the timing chip from the event reported 5:09.   Regardless, I was plus five hours.     The change in the course did not help, mainly because the last 20 miles or so where plowing into a 25 mile an hour head wind.  It was brutal.

The new course also brought riders from the other distances to finish together.   This limited Justin and I to find group to draft off of to avoid the wind.  We ended up trading pulls and pulling in tired 100k riders.  

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