Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tamara and Carol
I have yet to figure out how to do Mother’s Day.  Carol does an excellent reminder to make sure I send flowers to my mother.  From there; I am lost.   This is late because it was difficult to put into words what I wanted to relate.   Oddly, I chose few words

I am lucky to watch Carol and Tamara in their new roles as mother and grandmother.   As fast as life seems to move, it is hard to believe that it was five years ago this month that Tamara got married.   Over three years ago,  Aedan showed up.  16 months ago, Nolan made his grand entrance.
I play a very small part in the process of these two young boys’ lives.  They are blessed to have these two wonderful women in their lives. 


  1. You are quite lucky that Carol has put up with you this long. ;) Tell them both happy late Mother's Day for me.
    AND not every kid has a Grandpa who is willing to play with them and keep them busy and will be able to take them on some really rad camping trips.