Monday, May 7, 2012

Business Travel

This probably does not come as a shock to those that do it all the time, but business travel is not nearly as exciting as most people think.   I have friends in sales and other jobs that travel much more than I do or ever will, but in the last year of my job, I have traveled more than the rest of my career combined.

I am a slave to my routine and business travel has really thrown me out of that routine.  I assume it would become a part of a new routine, but I rather it not.    When you have spent the majority of career being able to be home every night, when which is not the case, much more planning is involved.

On a plus side, you do get views like this.

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  1. Business travel mostly stinks. Even travel to vacation spots often stinks, but it is a necessary evil to get to some place new.

    I think I liked plane travel for about 3 years when I was in HS. It was exciting. Now I dread getting on a plane. Two hours of "prep" time to be loaded onto a noisy tube in cramped seats that generally is too hot or too cold. Often delays and then 2 to 6+ h being told you can't get up by the flight crew.