Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carol's Birthday Dinner

There are pictures, but for the sake of my marriage, they will not be posted on the blog. I am a little slow on this, dang pesky life. Sunday was Carol’s birthday. It was the tour of meals. I took her to breakfast. Brett and I took her to lunch. Aedan, Tamera, David and I took her to dinner.

We went to Texas Road House for dinner. Texas Road House has a tradition that they bringing out a saddle on a sawhorse, have the birthday person sit on it and the wait staff sings a stupid birthday song. NOONE in this family likes to be the birthday person, but all of us enjoy watching someone else.

I ratted Carol out to the waiter and soon all heck broke loose. I was holding Aedan, watching Tamara and David laugh as Carol started turning beet red in the face. As the commotion of wait staff started to form, Tamara noted to me that Aedan was getting scared and to hand her son to her. I was very slow on the uptake of the situation. The staff was surround Carol and beginning the song, Aedan was crying with concern of what is happening to his grandmother. Tamara again informed me to hand Aeden to her, by now; I was way over my head and attempted to hand Aedan over the table. This of course sent dishes all over the place and a glass of water onto Tamara’s lap. She was quite pleased with me to say the least.

Aedan still was quite upset once the event was over, Tamara was soaking wet, Carol was a tad perturbed and I believe David was ducking for cover. What I learned that evening was that I was not going to have my birthday at Texas Road House.

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