Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brazos Canoe Trip

I have spent the last four days canoeing down the Brazos River as part of the High Adventure portion of Little Troop 5’s scouting program. It was an experience I will never forget. Using the troop’s resources, we were able to do what the Longhorn Council calls the Brazos River Canoe Trip. Troop 5 is lucky to have one of its Assistant Scoutmasters, Erin Fleming, and a former BRCT Director, available to take the troop down the river.
I am going to work very hard in attempting to blog about this trip with the next few days. It had so many different types of highs and lows. Scouting is a leadership program for youth, but it is often a patience program for its adult leaders. This trip tested my limits on my patience as an adult leader. I will admit at times during the trip I failed, but overall, I believe I passed the test.

Each experience in scouting, or life for that matter, whether good or bad, is a learning experience. In the end, the boys of Troop 5 made it down the river just fine and learned quite a bit.

I will attempt to quantify it in the next few posts.

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