Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brandon Brooks

Last week little Troop 5 had its 24th Scout pass its Eagle Board. Brandon Brooks became the 19th Eagle Scout under my watch as Scoutmaster. (These numbers are starting to get staggering to me)

I tend to wax poetically bout how I have watched my Eagles Scouts grown from eleven year old first year campers to fine young men. This is true about all them; however Brandon Brooks will always have a special place in my scoutmastering history. He is my karma being balanced.

Brandon and I butted heads the whole time he was a boy in Little Troop 5. Tthis was due to the fact that he is more like than me than not like me. Brandon challenged and stretched “boy led” in the Troop to the levels that I tried to do as a boy.

Strangely, this became an asset to the troop as he got to be an older boy. He encourages the younger scouts to take ownership in the troop, take charge, and run the troop. This is particularly true when the troop straps on Backpacks. Brandon always proves to be a steady hand on these trips.

Congratulations Brandon! Welcome to being a Troop 5 Eagle Scout.

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