Friday, June 17, 2016

Chuck Wagon

I seem to remember there was a time when we could choose to have a chuck wagon dinner at Worth Ranch.  I might be dreaming or delirious from the heat.  

Lunch Today

I am fearful to post this. As rule we miss one meal a week due to our inability to move as a complete troop.  We only have one meal left and we have not missed a single meal.  The boys are coming together as a troop.


Wrapping up life saving merit badge today.

Cooking Class

Brett asked me to make sure I took a picture of him in cooking class. Today they made cobbler.  Brett felt that the texture of the crust ruined the experience on the pallet.  He is a discerning chef.

Meditation Time

It is important to be in the right spiritual state. 

Sled Kyle

Having a different kind of fun down the slope.